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About Us

Jacaranda Tree Cafe Offers You:
In-house hosting of private or corporate functions.
Pickup and delivery services for food and rink.
Catering for in-house or external functions.
Fully licensed and BYO premises.
Relaxed dining inside or out.
Customised catering.

The Jacaranda Tree Café is the perfect meeting place for all persons of good taste. Ensconced in the heart of leafy Blackburn, the Jacaranda Tree Café promises to provide incomparable delight to all those who visit her. Whether for a quick cuppa or an extended luncheon, your visit is guaranteed to remain memorable for a very long time. So enjoy the company, the food and drink as well as the ambience of the Tree today, but know in your heart that you will surely return to its shade in the not too distant future.

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